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God Knows You Inside and Out!

Psalm 139 INTRODUCTION One day when my daughter was about two-and-a-half years old, she began asking me a series of questions. Why, why, why? It was a constant bombardment. The questions just kept coming. Every answer was met with another "why?" Finally, I said, "Julie, I'm sorry, I don't know everything." Surprised and indignant, she said, "when I'm three, I'll know everything." I am relieved to report that when she turned three, she did not actually know everything. She still doesn’t. Can you imagine how it would have changed our relationship for her to know everything and for me to still be me, knowing just a very little? Talk about awkward! A lot would have changed in our relationship! I

A New Call

Exodus 3:1 – 10 Bill Belichick is head coach of the American football team the New England Patriots. He is considered the best football coach of this generation and one of the best NFL coaches of all time. He became coach of t New Eng Pats in 2000, and in those 17 years he has led the Patriots to the Super Bowl seven times, winning the Super Bowl five of those times. No coach has ever won as many Super Bowl titles as him. Three times he has been named National Football League coach of year. But things were not always so rosy for coach Belichick. Before coaching the New Eng Patriots, Belichick was head coach of the Cleveland Browns for five years. He had a losing record during four of those f

Growing Into Maturity

Exodus 2:11-25 On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became the first person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. But that was not his first attempt to scale the world’s tallest mountain. After one unsuccessful attempt, it is recorded that Hillary stood at the base of the mountain, shook his fist at it, and in defiance declared: “I’ll defeat you yet. Because you’re as big as you’re going to get – but I’m still growing.” I’m still growing. Hillary didn’t make it to the top of Everest on his first try. But he kept learning and growing as a climber, and as a result of that, victory finally came; he conquered the mountain. That’s a good picture of our walk with God. Our goal is not to climb a mount


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