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St. Andrew Presbyterian Church KL

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church is a multi-cultural community made up of expatriates as well as a growing number of nationals who have been internationalised through substantial overseas experience.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church KL old building

About the church

St. Andrew's has existed as a congregation since 1902. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Sanctuary was built in 1918 and services have continued since, interrupted only by the Japanese invasion during WWII. Today, St. Andrew's continues to serve the community as the International Church of Kuala Lumpur, welcoming believers from all denominations and nations.

About the people

St. Andrew’s is the home for a culturally rich and vibrant international congregation including local members and worshippers from the expatriate community in Kuala Lumpur.


Whether you are already a follower of Jesus, or are just beginning to explore who Jesus is and what it means to believe in Him, it would be a delight to welcome you to our Sunday worship services or at any of our other activities.


About the organisation

Our mission:

Make, nurture and equip disciples of Jesus Christ from the International English-speaking people in Kuala Lumpur

Our vision:

To become a Biblically-grounded, Christ-centered community, united in love and using our gifts for the building up of the Church in Kuala Lumpur and throughout the world.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is a member of:

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Officers of the church


Rev. Tan Kay Hoe

- Minister at Large

- Teaching Elder

Sanjeeva Jayewardene - Ruling Elder

Chin Chin Liew
- Ruling Elder

Tan Hoe Pin
- Ruling Elder


Chan Mei-Iynn

Yu Wui Wui

Siew Lin Koid

Low King Hserng

Irene Lim

Ken See Khing Ng

Peggy Lo

Daniel Tan

Board of managers

Tan Hoe Pin

- Elder

- Chairman

Chan Mei-Iynn

- Deacon

Daniel Liew

- Member

Fung Weng Loong

- Member

Kenneth Tan

- Member

Jonathan Ng Hian Eik

- Member

Kit May Leong

- Member

- Acting Church Treasurer


Rev Marvin Wong

- Director Christian Education

Daniel Ng

- Member

- Acting Chair Membership Committee

Irene Lim

- Deacon

- Christian Education Committee

Chin Chin Liew

- Elder

- Worship Committee
- Women’s Ministry

Sanjeeva Jayewardene

- Elder Pastor Search Committee

- Nonimation Committee

- Mission & Community Outreach Committee

Tan Hoe Pin

- Elder

- Home Fellowship Committee

Pat Chen

- Member

- Fellowship Committee