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Fellowship Committee

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The Fellowship Committee comprises of a team of volunteers, serving together to grow and strengthen the church through different Ministries by embracing the principles of Evangelism, Edification, Equipping and Export.


Activities include a monthly fellowship lunch for the whole church to improve relationships. The congregation is encouraged to get to know each other including the Pastors, Deacons and Elders of the church.


The Fellowship members, as welcome committee, greet visitors and newcomers to the church. Where there are enquiries and assistance is requested,  Members will liaise with the relevant ministries ( ie pastoral care , home bible study group, ACE, baptism class, etc) in their follow up.


Committee is also responsible for organizing the festivities for Christmas, Easter, family day and other activities.


Fellowship Committee will support other ministries such Pastors’ pastoral needs such as home visitations where possible.


At this time of pandemic, with no physical meetings allowed, we are working on staying connected with one another through virtual Zoom coffee time/ lunches and phone calls for the less technical savvy.

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