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Exodus 7-11 If you follow professional cycling at all, with the most famous race being the Tour de France, you know that the cycling world has been scandalized in recent years by so many of the cyclists taking performance enhancing drugs. Lance Armstrong having to forfeit all seven of his Tour de France championships is the most famous case, but actually, this is not new. Cyclists taking performance enhancing drugs has been documented for more than 100 years, but it has only been since 1965 that this practice was made illegal. In more recent years, the testing has become much more accurate and literally hundreds of cyclists have been caught and penalized. All of this highlights an interestin


Exodus 4:27 – 6:8 Did you hear about the pastor who one morning had a meeting with the chairman of the elder board? The elder chairman told the pastor the elders had a meeting the previous night, and that he had some good news and some bad news to tell the pastor. The pastor said, “Well, tell me the good news first.” The elder replied, “Pastor, I’m happy to tell you that last night the elders voted to give you an all-expense paid trip to the Holy Land.” The pastor responded, “Wow! That’s great! I’ve always want to go to the Holy Land. Thank you so much. So tell me then, what’s the bad news?” And the elder chairman said, “Well, pastor, the elders decided to give you a one-way ticket!” I wonde

Living In Light of Thre Resurrection

Jn. 20:1-18; , Mt. 28:5-6; Phil. 3:10 Bob Weniger Today we have come to celebrate the most important event in the history of the world. There is no event in all of history that has the power to change our disposition, to change our way of life, and to change our destiny than the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Of course, we also think of the birth of Christ, that God took on flesh and entered this world as a human being in the infant Jesus. We can’t begin to measure the significance of that.We also remember the crucifixion of Christ, which we observed two days ago on Good Friday. There Jesus bore our guilt as He offered Himself as an atoning sacrifice for our sin so we can be forgiven and recon

Lost Opportunities

Luke 19:28-44 Bob Weniger About five or six years ago a young man by the name of Craig Randall made the news. Until then Craig Randall was anything but famous. He was a trash collector, driving his truck in Peabody, Massachusetts. At the time Wendy’s restaurant was having a promotional give-away. The cups their drinks came in had a sticker on them. When you pulled back the sticker you would find out if you won anything. One day Randall was out on his route and he noticed a Wendy’s cup on a pile of trash. The previous week Randall had won a free chicken sandwich. He said later that he thought to himself with this cup he might win some french fries to go with his chicken sandwich. So he stoppe

Responding to God's Call

Exodus 3:1 – 4:17 Bob Weniger Did you hear about the group of former sports fans were surveyed and asked why they quit attending sporting events? They offered a variety of reasons as to why they no longer went to see their favorite teams play. One grumbled, “Every time I went to the stadium they wanted my money.” Another complained, “The people sitting near me didn’t seem very friendly.” Several griped that the seats were too hard and uncomfortable. One lady said in a huff, “The coach never came to visit me!” while her husband noted that at halftime the band would play songs he had never heard before. Someone else whined that the coach sometimes made decisions he didn’t agree with. One perso


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