Share your beautiful day with St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Wedding guidelines


A RM500.00 deposit in cash is required that is refundable, not earlier than one week after the wedding if all facilities and the PA system are left in proper order with no damage and without undue clean-up work required. Kindly make your payment at the Church office upon confirmation of booking.


RM500.00 should be given to Church organist and RM300.00 to the Church pianist if his/ her service is required for a rehearsal and the wedding service.


You must arrange for your own pastor following his requirements for counselling, rehearsal, type of service, and amount of remuneration.



If you plan a rehearsal, state in the form or call the Church Office to book a time well in advance. In weddings involving our Pastor, it is necessary to arrange for a one-hour wedding rehearsal. Please be on time for the rehearsal.


In arranging flowers/decorations, please refrain from using pins, nails, wire, cellophane tape (any form of sticky tape) to fix flowers to the pew or walls. Please use soft ribbons instead. Loose flowers or artificial flower/ flower petals are NOT allowed on the carpet/ floor or Church grounds. Inform the Church office in advance the day and time of decorating.


For decoration of the Church, you are allowed a duration of only two (2) hours maximum.



We ask you to take care of our Church furnishings, such as the piano, the communion table, the pulpit, and also the piano in the hall. The Pulpit, Lectern (Reading desk), Piano, Communion Table and chairs are NOT to be moved around the Sanctuary or removed from the Sanctuary.

On no account are any decorations to be put on or near our pipe organ, or on the cross.



Weddings that take place in St Andrew’s Church are a reflection upon this Church. Therefore, we honor the taste and traditions of the Church. It is customary to use typical wedding music coupled with hymns and sacred solos. If you want to have pipe organ music, please check if the Church organist is available. Otherwise most couples are content with the piano.



We ask you to remind your guests not to throw confetti, rice or flower petals around the Church, the hall or anywhere of the premises. The rice attracts insects and vermin, the petals and confetti are blown everywhere by the fans or wind. Soap bubbles are also NOT allowed.



If a video camera is used, we strongly advise the wide angle lens type that does not require an arc lamp.       The arc lamps take away from the joyful solemnity of the occasion and interfere with the spirit of worship. Therefore, no lamps and stands are needed. We have consulted with video experts and are quite convinced  that there is no need at all for the use of special overhead lighting for video tape recording.



Advance booking requests, through email can be made ten months before your wedding date.  More detailed costing will be sent through the email received. Please contact the church administrator for a copy of the ‘Booking Form For Wedding’

We are happy and privileged to share our facilities and we are confident that bridal couples, pastors and elders will welcome our emphasis upon the need to uphold the “solemn joy” of Christian worship on all wedding occasions.

In the event that your wedding is being conducted by a pastor or celebrant other than from St Andrew’s or Logos Presbyterian Churches, as a matter of courtesy, please have your pastor contact the Pastor of St Andrew’s as soon as your requested use of the Church is confirmed.

Our desire is not to become unduly restrictive but to encourage those leading worship and participating to heed the apostolic injunction, “Let all things be done decently and in order”. If you have further questions about the facilities of St Andrew’s, please contact the church administrator.

Please note that NO BOOKINGS will be accepted on public holidays and Sundays and key Church event days.

Thank you for your cooperation.